The 33 Best Xero Add-ons and Integrations

The 33 Best Xero Add-ons and Integrations

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To create the optimal experience and ensure the best Xero integration, Xero has built several useful extra add-ons to enhance your accounting experience.


Xero add on integration

Best Xero Add-ons and Integrations


Xero and affiliated companies built many add-ons from scratch to improving the app’s capabilities, including Xero Projects and Xero Practice Manager.

Meanwhile, hundreds of other software providers have built apps that allow their businesses to integrate with Xero.

Xero connects with thousands of banks, letting you handle the bills and expenses of your business management. Keep track of your financial information and controlling the flow of the marketing process. Many apps and add-ons bear the Xero logo and are officially endorsed.

Xero add-ons provide the users with many tools to help them manage receipts, CRM, etc…

What is the Xero App Marketplace?

Every successful business keeps organized records. Even though “keeping records” sounds pretty straightforward, most business owners still either don’t know or don’t bother to keep accurate records of expenses and income for tax and other purposes.

You may not even realize how much you need to organize records.

To help individuals who may struggle with this aspect of business, a great deal of help exists in downloadable applications and computer software.

Whether running a small business or filing your taxes, it’s crucial to know where your money is spent. Properly storing receipts can not only improve tax deductions but also help you streamline processes.

Apps are essentially the “tools” you can use to improve your business. Many are available through the Xero App. With the right “tools,” you can get an incredible amount of work done.

The Xero App Store is where you purchase such apps. The store offers a wide array of apps that can assists you in various business aspects. Using various apps together will provide an amazing array of tools for you to use.

Starting with the basics, these apps can help you track your business and its bills, invoices, accounting, sales, payments, and customers. Xero integrations improve your business management skills. It even allows you to automate some parts of your business with great ease.

These apps can help you find systems that provide accounting software, management aids, time tracking systems, and various other “tools” for your Xero integrations are designed to provide you, the customer, with the best possible information to help you make the best-informed decision. Using these “tools” will dramatically increase your reach and maneuverability as a business.

There are hundreds of “officially approved” apps that Xero endorses on their app store.

Unofficial apps.

There are thousands of independent businesses that have made their own apps capable of integrating with Xero. These apps are not officially supported but will work with Xero.

It’s always worth checking if your app is compatible with your Xero account.

Xero Automation: Why is it So Important for Your Business?

Xero automation provides basic bookkeeping tools, efficient online invoicing, app management, tracking receipts, detailed financial reporting, and other methods.

As a business, you want to spend as little time and money as possible to get back as much revenue as possible.

Time spent learning to use these systems will be amply rewarded over time as you realize how much money you could have spent versus how much you are.

Xero Automation helps you do just that by providing you with online tools for your use that allow you to handle your marketing like a professional.

Xero Integration gives you a leg up on the competition that can be the difference between success and failure as a business.

Together they are a priceless tool in your business arsenal.

4 Best Xero Integrations


WellyBox eliminates the need for manual data entry of invoices and receipts. The app WellyBox is an expense management software that tracks and saves your receipts and Xero invoices to your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is an online portfolio of your receipts and invoices with intuitive easy to use controls. Using WellyBox eliminates the need for manual data entry of invoices and receipts as the process becomes automated. The Dashboard makes finding, downloading, and sending any related information extremely easy.

Your WellyBox account will automatically collect every receipt and invoice in your email and enter them automatically into your Xero account. Start using WellyBox for Free.

When it comes to expense management software, WellyBox is one of the most popular solutions to provide swift and efficient data management for you and your business, whether physical sales services or an e-commerce business based on a website.

The interface of WellyBox is simple to handle, saving your information on secure company servers online.

The application helps accounting firms automate and control bookkeeping tasks and manage all of their clients, helping them cut down on paper and save time.

When synced with Xero, streamlines payments processing by logging all of the money you are owed and all of the money you owe.

This aspect of the app allows you to keep track of bills and payments that are still in transit, your fluid currency. is so free that you can find the point of sale if you want.

The feature of integrating with Xero appears in the apps menu, making installing it extremely simple.

  • The entire process is customizable and allows you to automate integrations of the billing process. An Account on helps make sure that you get paid.
  • Bill.Com helps you follow your team as it helps you follow the flow of money between your business and your client.


If you have multiple employees or are feeling overwhelmed, Tradify helps its users by keeping track of their customers and their employees for them. Tradify makes sure everyone on your team is paid and that all of your customers their bills.

Tradify prioritizes and categorizes jobs by having accurate information about your clients. This lets you sort clients professionally and provide services based on timely payment and other related financial processes.


Figured is one of the best Xero add ons for smoothly integrating the factors of production land, labor, and financial resources. This allows for neater CRM management.

  • Figured was designed to allow tracking of production, budgeting, and bookkeeping by customers and users.
  • Figured feeds everything automatically through to Xero so that you can manage your eCommerce load.

Xero Software Integration: Is it Safe?

You can rely on the security systems Xero uses. Your data is encrypted and saved on the cloud, ensuring your privacy and the safety of your bank information.

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3 Trending Xero Compatible Apps

The following add ons and apps come well recommended, and we suggest taking a look. The accounting software and e-commerce information can only give you a better experience.

Add these to your Xero account to practice professional solutions to issues of billing, expenses, tracking your payroll, and make your business function as well as possible.

Sending out a purchase order, tracking, or Xero invoices will become a sales exercise as familiar and as simple as greeting a customer.

As these are all official apps from Xero, there is no problem with the Xero integration of these add-ons.


Gusto is an online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. The apps help you pay, insure, and engage your team in one integrated, easy-to-use platform.

Gusto is an application whose point is to make the employee side of marketing easier by helping you create payment plans for salaries and services, pay independent contractors, and make sure salary payments to your salesforce are going through. It further assists your businesses by providing management tools for employee time tracking, contract management, document storage, time off request approval, and more.

The cloud-based platform allows employees to access a Gusto account to view their timesheets, paycheck stubs, tax documents, and more.

The employee directory gives managers an overview of all employees and includes information on time off, contact details, payroll details, and bank details.

Gusto is designed to sync data with third-party platforms such as QuickBooks.


MinuteDock is the financial diary you always wanted. Carrying around a bulky and tattered diary is not only inconvenient, but, let’s be honest, it’s pretty bad for your back. By investing in MinuteDock, you’re doing good things for your stress levels, your body, and your business. Describing itself as a “loveable time tracking software,” we’re tempted to agree.

The ability to keep track of your schedule at the touch of a button is crucial to running a business.

MinuteDock integrates with Xero and is a great way to get some peace of mind. It helps keep track of bills and expenses, invoices, payments due, payroll expenses, and a business’s thousand other troubles.

With MinuteDock, you’ll never have to worry about manually inputting data again.


Reclaim precious time with Vend’s multi-outlet platform. You can connect Vend with Xero and let the software handle the situation for you with Xero integration.

Vend’s strengths are inventory management, reporting, and customer engagement tools.

Vend was made for inventory-based retail. Vend has everything you need to sell, manage, report, and grow in every way. Never miss a purchase order again or have to deal with users reporting an issue with billing or getting an invoice. Vend helps by automatically managing the information.

Popular Xero Add-ons (Including Free Xero Add ons)

Searching on the Xero website, you can easily find many of these add ons on the Xero company website.


Fergus is a job management app that takes care of job scheduling, job estimating & invoicing, managing work on-site, communicating with your team. Your team also has access to the system and will have a much easier time with their timesheets and timecards easily available.

Fergus is perfect for Xero integrations, a combination that will make it easier than ever to run your company.

You can invoice a client for a job in Fergus right away, and it will appear in Xero immediately because of the two-way sync. You will also have customer details, supplier invoices, and payments shared between the two.

Vtiger CRM

The App “Vtiger CRM” gives you and your sales staff a complete view of every contact and detail you have ever worked on. Vtiger offers various ways to collaborate across teams, automate tasks and learn to provide the best customer experience you can. The Xero integrations let you sync your saved information from your Business and the related Contacts, Products, Services, Payments, and Invoices between your Xero and your Vtiger accounts.


Stock&Buy syncs your business and other multi-channel data (sales, purchases, and adjustments) to Xero. Manage everything from one central system.

Stock&Buy helps you synchronize over multiple platforms and keep track of your inventory and orders.


Synergy provides you with management software for architects, engineers, and construction designers. The whole system is cloud-based, letting multiple people work on a project and access it.

The Xero add-on for Synergy removes the need for double entry of finance and accounting. This allows for a smooth synchronization of invoices and contacts.

Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting is Xero’s #1 reporting and cash flow forecasting app.

The App offers a great range of comprehensive performance reports, full three-way forecasting, customizable dashboards, and advanced consolidated reports for multi-entity businesses and franchises.

Spotlight gives accountants the tools to discuss the most recent business and accounting information with their clients.

With help from Spotlight, you should be able to seamlessly integrates with Xero letting members of your businesses import budget details from integrations with Xero via the click of a button.

Expended List of Popular Xero Integrations

Xero and Stripe Integration

With Stripe, you can attach pay now buttons or autopay for recurring payments, helping you get paid much faster. All of your payment information syncs with Stripe.

Xero and Concur Integration

Adding this integration, you can save hours on the manual entry of data. Automate and streamline your expense and invoice processes.

Xero and Hubspot Integration

Integrating HubSpot into your system shows you the CRM for all your inbound sales and keeps them up to date if anything changes on either Hubspot or in your Xero integrations.

Xero and Zoho Integration

Integrate between Xero and Zoho to ensure that all your accounts are synced. This will upload your web-based office suite spreadsheets and documents to your Xero.

Xero and Shopify Integration

Using Xero and Shopify will help you get and offer refunds on line items, shipping, and taxes. This helps you deal with any Shopify company you may deal with both as a client and as a shop.

Xero and Hubdoc Integration

Hubdoc is a data capture tool that extracts key information from documents, then creates transactions in Xero. You’ll be able to Email bills and receipts straight into your Hubdoc organization.

Xero and Amazon Integration

You can sync your inventory between Amazon and Xero or automatically send your Amazon receipts to your Xero account.

Xero and Dext (Receipt-Bank) Integration

Dext can integrate with Xero to create automatic bookkeeping. You can tailor the system to your needs and make automated transaction matching work extremely quickly and efficiently.

Xero and Salesforce Integration

Integrating the two allows businesses to operate more efficiently by streamlining their processes. Businesses can automatically import and sync data between the two.

Xero and Pipedrive Integration

The integration lets you create invoices from within the “Deal Details” program in Pipedrive. You can then approve and send invoices from within Xero and track the invoice status in Pipedrive.

Xero and Suitecrm Integration

Suitecrm and Xero have a seamless flow of data between them from inside your CRM to the actual billing and invoicing system, notifying both systems whenever anything is done.

Xero and Dynamics 365 Integration

Link your Dynamics 365 records with your financial information from Xero and let the two sync their information.

Xero and Sumup Integration

SumUp is a card payment processing tool allowing users to export payments directly from SumUp to Xero with no new data entry. They would also be able to track overdue card payments in Xero.

Xero and Expensify Integration

Expensify and Xero integrate to create a two-way information transfer. Both applications are synced and get all of the information available on the other.

Xero and Zendesk Integration

Xero’s integration with Zendesk makes billing businesses simple. You can automate the task of creating invoices anytime a deal is won by connecting your Xero accounting to Zendesk Sell.

Unless you’re using one of the Zendesk alternatives, in that case, you would need to look for app-specific integration.

Xero and Soldo Integration

Soldo connects to the Xero system allowing businesses to validate and transfer expense information to Xero in one click. Soldo automatically syncs with Xero contacts.

Xero and Etsy Integration

Xero’s e-commerce software lets you link your Etsy account with your Xero accounting abilities and allows you to match orders manually.

Xero and Pos Integration

Allowing the two systems to sync will give you your store’s daily sales, payment totals, invoices, cost of goods sold, and customer details.

Xero and Epos Integration

EPOS syncing means connecting key business operations through a single, easy-to-use software system. Xero then simplifies everything by importing transactions and sending invoice reminders.

Xero and Magento Integration

Magneto lets you synchronize your data between itself and Xero. The two apps then share all information between the two.

Xero and Monday Integration

The integration between Xero and Monday allows the user to create links, contacts, bills, and invoices on Monday and have them automatically transfer to Xero.


The value of Xero on its own to any business is immense. The benefit of having such control over your financial information is a massive “Tool Chest,” The various Apps and Add Ons you can synchronize with it adds use and value.

The incredible synergy between systems makes everything incredibly simple, letting you mix and match the software that best suits your business.

We hope the apps mentioned here will help you build your “Toolkit”.

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