Automatic Receipts & Expense Management

Take the hassle out of expense reports! WellyBox gathers ALL
your receipts, extracts and records expense info, and sends
it all to your cloud storage, accounting app or accountant.

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Why Wellybox

What we will do for you

Track Receipts and Invoices

WellyBox is the only receipts tracker you need, since it discovers and handles all receipts and invoices, wherever they are. Connect all your mailboxes, as well as suppliers’ portals. We have your back for paper documents – scan any doc and WellyBox receipt tracking app takes it from there.

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Generate Expense Reports

WellyBox extracts all data required for expense and tax reports from your financial docs — dates, amounts, vendor info and tax paid – and generates the reports that you need. Easily create automatic expense classification rules so you can exclude personal expenses, split reports between multiple businesses, and allocate vendors to the appropriate tax category.

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Organize Receipts and Record Expenses 

WellyBox gathers all expense docs and stores them wherever you choose: Send them straight to your accountant, save them to your cloud storage as organized files (Dropbox or Google Drive), or record them in your account with leading accounting software packages such as Quickbooks, Xero, Wave and many more.

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What customers say about Wellybox

I discovered @WellyBoxHQ "" in honor "of the 2019 balance, I immediately fell in love. An ingenious and simple tool to use with a fun. Efficient user interface that saves time and money. Strongly recommends

I recently came across an application that finds receipts among my emails, grabs the sums, and saves sums & receipt to my bookkeeping program. Pretty cool, super timesaver. Check out @WellyBoxHQ #timemanagement #SmallBusiness

@WellyBoxHQ thanks guys for a really easy way to automate the invoice/expense process and ensure no more lost receipts & invoices Great work!