How to Use Digital Receipts as an Effective Marketing Tool

How to Use Digital Receipts as an Effective Marketing Tool

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We are currently living in a world where we are asked, ‘how would you like your receipt today? A print receipt, a digital receipt, or both?’ by the cashier after purchasing products on an offline store.

One thing is clear here: paper-printed receipts are likely to fade or get lost over time while digital receipts are transforming retail marketing.

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In the digital world today, more and more retailers rely on digital receipts. Not only for environmental reasons but also for the effectiveness of retaining customers in a better way. That’s being said, paper-printed receipts and digital receipts aren’t actually competing with each other. In fact, they can complement each other.


Paper-printed receipts indeed offer a powerful short-term solution for transactions such as grocery purchases and personal expenses. On the other hand, digital receipts offer much more than transaction data. It’s more advantageous as long-term solutions and can be a powerful marketing tool for your business growth.


Now, as a marketer yourself, the question that might pop up on your mind is, ‘how can I use digital receipts as an effective marketing tool?’


Let’s find out, then!

1) Use a Digital Receipt to Understand Customer Preferences

When you use digital receipts, it’d be much easier for you to gather customer data at the transaction level. In this case, you can leverage all those valuable, insightful data to understand each customer’s preferences.


Once you understand more about your customers’ preferences, what products they purchase the most, their average spending, demographics, time of purchasing, and more, you can easily create a more personal, effective, and relatable digital marketing strategy.


As a result, your customers keep choosing you because you sell them what they want at the right time in the right place.


And since you have customers’ data, you can also create a loyalty program to drive long-term loyalty. It can make your customers stick around your brand because they feel valued, and you also offer them a good price.

2) Use a Digital Receipt as a Lead Generation

You can also take advantage of your customers’ willingness to register for a digital receipt to build a solid email list — which most retailers still struggle with. With a solid email list, you can build a more meaningful and personal connection with your customers through the newsletter or other forms of email marketing, including explainer videos, created using a user-friendly video editor like VEED, eBooks, white papers, even special events or discount offerings.

By utilizing VEED’s features such as a video trimmer and video converter, you can create engaging marketing videos with ease.


The best thing here is that all the emails you have are high-quality since you get them directly from your customers, not simply collect them by yourself. This way, you can send the right messages to the right people.


But, is email marketing still working, though, after all this time? The answer is an emphatic YES. According to stats, today’s email marketing produces an average of 174% more conversions compared to social media marketing that is taking center stage.

3) Use a Digital Receipt to Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a crucial key for your business to improve operations and keep customers coming back. And you can use digital receipts as an ideal medium to collect customer feedback hassle-free without annoying your offline customers by asking them to leave a review for your business online.


With customer feedback collected, you know which areas of your business need to be doubled down and which ones that need some improvements. It allows you to see how your business is doing in real-time. Thus, this can lead to a better business overall strategy and higher customer satisfaction.


For your customers, digital receipts make it easier for them to leave any feedback in a few clicks in a matter of seconds. And for your business, you can now understand how your customers feel about your business without having to scroll and read their comments online. So, it’s an absolute win-win situation.

4) Use E-Receipts to Promote Other Relevant Products

As mentioned above, digital receipts can be so much more than transaction records. You can drive future interaction when links to your official website or social media profiles are embedded in your receipts. Other relevant products can also be added to the receipts.


This way, you can promote other products without being too pushy and hard-selling. In fact, it helps customers to get familiar with products that they’re most likely interested in.


So, it can be like a cross-selling method where you offer additional products that complement what they have purchased. You might also need to include a brief explanation of the benefits of the script without coming off too aggressive.

5) Use E-Receipts to Differentiate Your Business With Your Competitors

While your competitors are still relying on thermal paper, you can use digital receipts to show your customers that you’re one step ahead. Once you can show how your retail is unique and more innovative, more customers will be more willing to invest in your business.

Let’s face it. Your customers never leave their smartphones behind, so with digital receipts, all the information about purchases is available at their fingertip for a long time.

And if they know that your retail business provides them with extreme value and gives a new shopping experience using digital receipts, why would they invest in other competitors that still rely on the same old method?

Conclusion: What Are You Waiting For?

In today’s digital world, customers are only getting busier. Therefore, they appreciate an efficient checkout process; making digital receipts is necessary for savvy retailers than ever before.


When a paper-printed receipt remains a necessity, digital receipts come in as a potent marketing tool. Thanks to the internet and the rapid rise of tech tools that make digital receipts has now become more accessible than ever.


Besides its advantages in reducing operational costs and paper usage, digital receipts also play an important role in driving more customers’ engagement. Not to mention it also much easier to track and manage at your fingertips using an expense tracker app.


Leveraging digital receipts might sound so technical, but it’s actually quite simple. You can rely on WellyBox to start leveraging digital receipts in your business and use them as a high-performing marketing tool that can bring you closer to the ultimate goal of increased customer loyalty.

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