The top 36 productivity and AI influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023

The top productivity and AI influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023

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The top productivity and AI influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023

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The top productivity and AI influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023


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Welcome to the world of productivity and AI, where technology and innovation join together to build a future that is more effective and optimal.

Having a diverse network of influencers to follow is crucial for staying on trend and learning from thought leaders in your field.

The WellyBox team has combed through all of Twitter to bring you the best influencers in 2023 for productivity and AI.

These thought leaders, who range from automation specialists to machine learning pioneers, are sure to motivate and instruct.

Top rising starts productivity and AI influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023 (under 10k followers)

Shruti Mishra (@MarketerShruti)

@MarketerShruti is a rising star influencer. She is a SaaS Marketing Strategist & Creative Entrepreneur who provides people with advice on how to maximize their SaaS marketing strategies, create content that stands out, and develop creative ideas to help their businesses grow.

Shruti Mishra @MarketerShruti

Marcus Ramsey (@themarcusramsey)

@themarcusramsey is the founder of . He shares his expertise in the areas of AI, Business, and Tech through his newsletter and his Twitter account.

Marcus Ramsey @themarcusramsey

Haider. (@slow_developer)

Haider. @slow_developer aims to help you to improve your development & designing skills with daily Content.

Haider. @slow_developer

Philipp Stelzel (@dePAKES)

@dePAKES is building a business with @Notionhq. He’s documenting his journey on twitter. Follow him for more productivity tips and secret hacks.

Philipp Stelzel 🚀 More productive with Notion @dePAKES

Ajay Sharma (@ajaysharma_here)

@ajaysharma_here is a software engineer who tweets about his areas of expertise, which include JavaScript and Java. He is also interested in web development and shares resources related to this field on his Twitter account.

Ajay Sharma @ajaysharma_here

John Vianny (@johnvianny)

@johnvianny is an affiliate marketer and digital nomad on a mission to help others achieve financial freedom through passive income streams. He uses Twitter to share tips and resources related to affiliate marketing and other ways to generate passive income. Followers can expect to gain valuable insights and information from his tweets on how to achieve financial freedom.

John Vianny @johnvianny

Iterate Ideas (@IterateIdeas)

Iterate Ideas (@IterateIdeas) is a creator focused on helping fellow creators, solopreneurs, and indie hackers with their productivity and organization. In 2022, they sold their successful small business and in 2023, they are building 52 public Notion templates. They use Twitter to share their templates and offer insights for those looking to improve their productivity and streamline their workflow.

💡Iterate Ideas | FREE Notion Templates @IterateIdeas

Swapnil Tamuli (@swapnil_tamuli)

Swapnil Tamuli (@swapnil_tamuli) is known as “The List Guy” and provides listicles and threads on entrepreneurship, fitness, and self-growth to help his followers get 1% better every day. He shares valuable information and insights in these areas on his Twitter account, aimed at helping others improve themselves and reach their goals.

Swapnil Tamuli @swapnil_tamuli

Notionhead (Soumya) (@notionhead)

Notionhead (Soumya) (@notionhead) is a 20-year-old Notion expert and the founder of The Notion Co. With expertise in helping businesses smoothly migrate from SpreadSHIT to Notion, he is documenting his own journey of growth from $0 to $10,000 per month on Twitter. Followers can expect to gain valuable insights and knowledge on how to effectively use Notion and grow their own businesses.

Notionhead (Soumya) @notionhead

José Brizida (@br1z1d4)

José Brizida (@br1z1d4) is the CMO of and a self-proclaimed geek who is both a part-time and full-time creator. He uses Twitter to share insights and updates related to his work as a marketing professional and creator, offering valuable information for those interested in the intersection of technology and marketing.

José Brizida @br1z1d4

Pritesh Kiri (@PriteshKiri)

Pritesh Kiri (@PriteshKiri) is a software engineer who started his career as a mechanical engineer. He is a dev content creator who is passionate about coding and web development. He primarily tweets about React JS, JavaScript, and his journey as a self-taught web developer.

Pritesh Kiri @PriteshKiri

Angry Tom (@AngryTomtweets)

Angry Tom (@AngryTomtweets) is a consultant on a mission to build an empire and help others build their audience. He is also the creator of a successful Growth Guide.

Angry Tom @AngryTomtweets

Callum Booker (@CallumJBooker)

Callum Booker (@CallumJBooker) is a business enthusiast with a passion for reverse engineering successful startups. He is building his own media business and invites others to join his journey through his 7k-strong newsletter, Capital Letter. With a focus on delivering valuable insights and analysis, Callum offers a unique perspective on the inner workings of successful companies. He has been sharing his knowledge and experiences since September 2013.

Callum Booker (@CallumJBooker)

Ejaj Ahmed (@aeejazkhan)

Ejaj Ahmed (@aeejazkhan) is a developer who shares resources and tweets about coding that can help people make money. He is passionate about science and technology, and also has an interest in open-source projects. On Twitter, he provides valuable information for those looking to level up their coding skills and make a profit from their work.

Top productivity and AI influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023 (over 10k followers)

Sharyph (@thegoldsuite)

@thegoldsuite is a digital creator and Twitter growth strategist who shares tips on how to increase productivity and get more done in your day. He offers advice on how to maximize your time, manage your tasks and prioritize your goals for maximum efficiency.

Sharyph @thegoldsuite

Ammaar Reshi (@ammaar)

@ammaar is a Design Manager @brexhq, usually tweets about AI and design.

Ammaar Reshi @ammaar

Thor Hartvigsen (@ThorHartvigsen)

@ThorHartvigsen is a student at the University of Copenhagen, where he is studying computer science and economics. In addition to his academic pursuits, he is also a researcher in the field of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi). On Twitter, Thor likely tweets about topics related to computer science, economics, and blockchain technology, sharing his insights and knowledge with his followers.

Thor Hartvigsen @ThorHartvigsen

D-Coder (@Damn_coder)

D-Coder (@Damn_coder) is a web developer that helps people level up their web development skills. He often tweets about various programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and SQL, providing insights, tips and resources aimed at improving others’ web development skills.

D-Coder @Damn_coder

Ihtesham Haider (@ihteshamit)

Ihtesham Haider (@ihteshamit) is a writer who shares insights on personal branding and finance, no-code technologies, and copywriting. He uses Twitter to help others scale up their online presence by providing valuable information and resources related to these topics. Followers can expect to gain useful tips and knowledge on personal branding, finance, no-code, and copywriting from his tweets.

Ihtesham Haider @ihteshamit

Sayujya Gupta (@GuptaSayujya)

Sayujya Gupta (@GuptaSayujya) is a professional video editor who is building a successful video production agency. With a goal of earning $20,000 per month, he uses Twitter to help others hook viewers to their content. He shares tips and resources related to video production and editing, providing valuable insights for those looking to improve their video content and engage with their audience.

Sayujya Gupta @GuptaSayujya

Eyisha (@eyishazyer)

Eyisha (@eyishazyer) is a social media consultant who specializes in helping individuals and businesses grow their Twitter presence. On Twitter, she promotes her services, offering to help increase followers and impact a user’s business positively. Eyisha believes that having a large following on Twitter can greatly impact one’s business, and she offers her expertise to make this a reality for her clients.

Eyisha🚀 @eyishazyer

Vanshika Garg (@vanshika_garg17)

Vanshika Garg (@vanshika_garg17) is a data scientist who works at Fractal AI and Google. She has a background as a former DSC Lead, a scholar at the Grace Hopper Celebration, and a mentor at MLHacks. Additionally, Vanshika has been recognized as a 21 Under 21 awardee. She tweets about her work as a data scientist and shares insights and resources in the field.

Vanshika Garg @vanshika_garg17

Shushant Lakhyani (@shushant_l) 

Shushant Lakhyani (@shushant_l) is on a mission to build micro-products and a club to help individuals become impactful indie-makers. He is focused on building tools like ClickUp and the Just Ship It Club.

Shushant Lakhyani @shushant_l

Francesco D’Alessio (@FrancescoD_Ales)

Francesco D’Alessio (@FrancescoD_Ales) is a productivity app reviewer and expert. He shares his insights and expertise on productivity apps through YouTube and helps create @BentoMethod and ToolFinder xyz to help individuals optimize their productivity and find the right tools for their needs.

Francesco D'Alessio @FrancescoD_Ales

Alfaiz (@imAlfaiz)

Alfaiz (@imAlfaiz) is a web developer and content creator who focuses on crafting content about web development topics. He provides resources and cheat sheets to help others learn and grow in the field. Alfaiz is open to collaborating with others, and invites them to DM him.

Alfaiz ⚡ @imAlfaiz

Khe Hy (@khemaridh)

Khe Hy (@khemaridh) is a productivity expert who believes that one’s bucket list is more important than their to-do list. He helps people connect their productivity goals with their life’s larger questions and has been surfing for 450 days since 2018. He is also a $10K Work creator and has recently relocated from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach. He shares his insights and advice on his website,

Khe Hy @khemaridh

Top productivity and AI power influencers to follow on Twitter in 2023 (over 50k followers)

Pratham (@Prathkum)

Pratham (@Prathkum) is the Head of DevRel at Hyperspace and a former Developer Advocate at Rapid API. He writes about productivity and AI tools and is dedicated to helping people build their Twitter audience. Pratham is committed to helping people make the most of their time and technology, and he uses his expertise in AI and productivity to help people achieve their goals.

Pratham @Prathkum

Ben Tossell (@bentossell)

Ben Tossell (@bentossell) is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Makerpad, which was acquired by Zapier. He also runs a daily AI newsletter, Ben’s Bites, where he shares the latest advancements and news in the field of artificial intelligence. In just 14 weeks, he grew his subscriber base from zero to 20,000. He invites tech enthusiasts to subscribe to his newsletter at to stay up to date on the exciting developments in the AI industry.

Ben Tossell (@bentossell)

Madza 👨‍💻⚡ (@madzadev)

Madza 👨‍💻⚡ (@madzadev) is a tech writer who shares helpful resources and tips with the tech community. He contributes to well-known tech platforms such as LogRocket, SitePoint, and, offering his readers the opportunity to learn and improve their technical skills. His goal is to provide valuable insights and educational materials for those looking to advance in the tech industry.

Madza 👨‍💻⚡ (@madzadev)

Erin Griffith (@eringriffith)

Erin Griffith (@eringriffith) is a journalist with The New York Times, where she covers start-ups and venture capital. She is a dedicated reporter, known for her in-depth analysis and insightful commentary on the tech industry. Erin is based in San Francisco, California and can be reached at Her articles can be found on The New York Times’ website,

erin griffith @eringriffith

Hasan Toor (@hasantoxr)

Hasan Toor (@hasantoxr) is a tech enthusiast who shares insights and information on various topics including Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology tools, online business, growth, and productivity. He offers help and guidance to anyone who wants to learn how to earn with digital skills for free through direct messaging.

Hasan Toor ✪ @hasantoxr

Barsee (@heyBarsee)

Barsee (@heyBarsee) is an AI enthusiast who shares daily tips and insights on AI, technology, and the future. He is also the founder of AI Valley and is dedicated to building things with AI. Barsee has over 96,000 followers and provides updates through his website

Barsee 🐶 @heyBarsee

DataChazGPT (@DataChaz)

DataChazGPT (@DataChaz) is a developer at Streamlit and SnowflakeDB. They are obsessed with ChatGPT, SEO, and Data Science and are an open sourcerer and a maintainer of SEOPythonistas. They are fluent in French and English.

DataChazGPT 🤯 (not a bot) @DataChaz

Ishan Sharma (@Ishansharma7390)

Ishan Sharma (@Ishansharma7390) is a YouTube Creator and Entrepreneur. He is building “Markitup” and “I Befikar” and is passionate about coding and design.

Ishan Sharma @Ishansharma7390

Harsh Makadia (@MakadiaHarsh)

Harsh Makadia (@MakadiaHarsh) is a tech enthusiast who tweets about AI, No-code, Productivity, and Building an Audience. He is also a PM at MarutiTech and is building to elevate your tech game.

Harsh Makadia @MakadiaHarsh

Joe Speiser (@jspeiser)

Joe Speiser (@jspeiser) is an experienced entrepreneur who has built and scaled three successful startups in the ad-tech, e-commerce, and digital media industries. These startups have generated revenue of $70 million or more per year. Currently, Joe focuses on building and acquiring SaaS companies and communities. He tweets about his experiences and insights on entrepreneurship, SaaS, and community building.

Joe Speiser ⚡️ @jspeiser

In conclusion, the use of AI and technology to boost productivity is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s fast-paced world.

Following top influencers in the field of AI and productivity on Twitter can provide valuable insights, tips, and updates on the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

From business leaders to technologists, the individuals mentioned in this list offer unique perspectives and expertise that can help you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of productivity and AI.

So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a business professional, or simply someone looking to optimize their workflow, following these influencers is a great place to start.

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