What is the Tax number on your Walmart Receipt?

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What is the Tax number on your Receipts?

First, we have to understand all the issues affecting sales tax. There are different tax rates for every state/county and different rules for several categories of items. Therefore, there are several tax rates. There are approximately 7500 different rates and 8300 annual rate changes in the USA! There are several receipt tax codes and rates for several items.

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What is Tax 1 on Walmart receipts?

Tax 1 is General Merchandise Rate.

What is Tax 2 on Walmart receipts?

Tax 2 is Food Rate.

What is Tax 4 on Walmart receipts?

Tax 4 is Prepared Food Rate.

What is Tax 6 on Walmart receipts?

Tax 6 is Wine Rate.

What is Tax 7 on Walmart receipts?

Tax 7 is Beer Rate.You don’t need to worry about the different tax numbers. They’re revised every day to reflect on changes in the state/county policy.Walmart goes through a strict revision automatically overnight to reflect the latest excise rates.

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