How to Find
Delta Receipts?

WellyBox automatically finds your receipts and invoices directly from your Delta account (and 1000+ online portals) and from your mailbox.

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How to Find Delta Receipts?

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Step by Step Guide

How to Find a Delta Receipt?

This is the manual way to get your Delta receipts.
To see how to do it automatically in 30 seconds, click here.

Step 1.

Go to from your computer or phone app.

Step 2.

Click the “My eBay” tab in the top right corner and select your “Purchase History.”

WellyBox Automatically Find Your Delta Receipts

Instead of going through all those steps, just connect to WellyBox. It automatically collects your digital receipts and invoices from your email inbox and from online portals, Delta included.

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How to get a receipt from Delta?

Collect receipts from your email

Collect receipts from your email automatically!

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Step 3.

Scroll down on the page and enter your email by typing it into the box marked for your email. Hit “Send”.

How to Find Delta Receipts?
Delta will only show you flights booked in the last 24 hours. If you want older travel records, the system is different but just as simple.
Send an email to requesting your information. Be sure to include all relevant information, your full name, your ticket number, and your flight date.
How to Find Delta Receipts?

Automate With WellyBox

How to Automatically Find a Delta Receipt with WellyBox?

Every time you take a trip anywhere with Delta, you are provided with a digital receipt from Delta. This receipt is sent to your email.

Step 1:
Login or signup to WellyBox. WellyBox will then automatically scan your inbox for all of your receipts and invoices.
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Step 2.

On your WellyBox dashboard, you can take a look through all of the receipts from Delta that WellyBox found.

How to Automatically Find a Delta Receipt with WellyBox?

It’s that simple.
WellyBox arranges the finding and collecting the receipts to one easy-to-access location. From there, you can print, copy, download, send or store your receipt at your leisure.

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