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Delta Airlines Receipts – Overview

If you plan on taking a flight domestically or internationally, one of your best travel options is Delta Airlines. Delta is a us-based airline with flights available for purchase online. Flying Delta provides receipts in the same way other airlines do. When you purchase a ticket, the ticket itself doubles as a receipt.

As an airline Delta flies to and from many locations providing everything from basic to first-class accommodations. The Airline is known for its offers of SkyMiles and benefits, although it is important to check the airline’s terms and conditions.

The Manual Way

To manually keep track of all of your receipts require a lot more effort. To start with, you will need to create a filing system to log different expenses. This can either be a digital or a physical storage system, although I recommend a digital one. Digital systems are easier to send, store, transfer and manipulate.

You’re going to want to divide that storage system into two segments further: business and personal expenses, and then every time you get a receipt put it into the file. You can scan paper receipts into your computer to add them to the the digital receipts you are saving, or if you choose to go with a physical storage system, you can collect all your receipts, print out the electronic ones and lock them in a drawer.

This is the manual way to get your Delta receipts.
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How to Find a Delta Receipt?

Where Can I See my Receipts from Delta Airlines?

Find a receipt of purchase from Delta can be easy. Every flight you take gives you a receipt that you can store for archiving or accounting purposes. Your ticket is digital in nature and doubles as your receipt. If you decide to go through a travel agent, that travel agent should also get a copy of the ticket or a receipt of the ticket transfer.

Keeping your receipt is as simple as keeping your ticket on your email account. Once you make the purchase, you will immediately be sent an electronic ticket. Simply store that ticket somewhere safe.

Your tickets will have your boarding process, the airport’s name, where the flight is to and from, what hours it covers, etc. Once you’ve checked to make sure everything is in order, you can file the document. Everything being digital should simplify your travels.

Delta only allows you to access flights booked 24 hours ago. For older travel, you will have to email Don’t forget to include the passenger’s name, Ticket Number (13-digits), and the type of Credit Card used for purchase. Do NOT include your credit card number itself, just the type (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).

Delta Receipts

Why Should you Keep your Delta Receipts?

Keeping your receipts is, as a general rule, a good idea. You never know when you may need to refer back to one. Both personal and business. Individual receipts will help you create a budget and better judge your fiscal situation. In contrast, business receipts are needed if you want a refund or refunds from your employers for expenses.

Getting a replacement ticket from Delta Airlines isn’t very hard if you do accidentally delete your ticket. Since your ticket is your receipt, getting rid of it before your departure would be unwise. You can usually get it back by visiting the Delta Airlines website and searching for your flight by number. Getting in touch with your travel agent is another way to get your receipt, as the agent was a proxy in the transaction.

Still, you probably don’t want to end up searching for a lost ticket, so saving or bookmarking the page on the website will help you avoid losing it. Saving the URL may also be helpful. Make sure to keep any passwords or security questions answers readily available.

When the time comes to take the information from the site and fill out your expense sheet. But what do you do if your flight was canceled? How do you request a receipt or request a refund?

If you bought your ticket directly with your credit card, you should have a record of it. You can request an additional copy of your ticket from the airline if you can’t find the original and want a refund or if you can’t find the original and need the information written on it.

Delta Receipts

How Should You Enter Your Delta Receipts to Your Expense Report?

Entering your expense reports with Delta Airline expenses is just like preparing an expense report for anything else. Start by collecting the relevant receipts and write down the total amount of expenses.

Collect all of your receipts together and then sort between the business-related expenses and those that aren’t. Collect the ones that are business-related and write down the total amount spent.

You can then either choose to either send the information out or manually print and then hand in your expense report to the relevant accounting employee at work or your personal accountant.

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