How to Get a Receipt from eBay?

WellyBox automatically get your receipts and invoices directly from your eBay account (and 1000+ online portals) and from your mailbox.

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How to Get a Receipt from eBay?

After you complete a transaction, eBay takes a little time to generate your receipt. Don’t expect to see your receipt immediately after the transaction.
If a receipt was sent out, but you can’t find it, here is the method that will allow you to view all of your receipts easily.

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Step by Step

How to Print a Receipt From eBay?

This is the manual way to get your eBay receipt.
To see how to do it automatically in 30 seconds, click here.

Step 1.

Log in to My eBay by computer or by application with your ID and password.

Step 2.

Click the “My eBay” tab in the top right corner and scroll down to your “Purchase History.”

How to Print a Receipt From eBay?

Step 3.

Scroll down the list to locate the bill you want and select “View Order Details” on the right side to generate its receipt.

Step 4.

On the page that opens, on the right side, click the button that says “Printer Friendly page.”

That’s it! Your receipt will now be visible on the screen. eBay will also send you a copy of your receipts to your email directly.

Automate With WellyBox

How to Automatically get a Receipt from eBay with WellyBox?

Here’s how to find and print a eBay receipt online.

Step 1.

Connect to WellyBox. If you have an account, WellyBox has already automatically scanned your inbox for all receipts, including eBay receipts.

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Step 2.

Look through your WellyBox dashboard to get the receipt you want and click on it.
You’ll find options to edit, copy or print the receipt as well right there.

It’s that simple.
WellyBox arranges the collecting of the receipts to one easy-to-access location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a receipt of purchase from eBay

Step 1: Log in to eBay and access your “Purchase History.”

Step 2: Select the order you want a receipt for.

Step 3: Click “View Printer Friendly page.”

Your receipt will now be visible on the screen.

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