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What is Costco?

Costco is an American corporation that operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores, a Warehouse Club. A warehouse club is a retail store, usually one selling a wide variety of merchandise. Customers may buy large, wholesale quantities of the store’s products, making these clubs attractive to bargain hunters and small business owners. Often referred to as a Cash and Carry or a Hypermarket, these shops have almost any item you want to purchase in bulk. It’s rare to see anyone leave the store with fewer than one shopping cart per item.

Because Costco is a “club,” you must register to. You may be asked to provide an ID. It isn’t uncommon to have a security guard select you to show him your receipt before leaving. These are just security measures.

Shopping online at Costco

You can do all of your shopping online at, the company website. Members can make orders for various items online. You can make a purchase from anywhere in the world to Costco and have it delivered somewhere. However, many places outside the US are unavailable.

Costco provides a large variety, great food, electronics, clothes, and more. Costco promises a local 2-day delivery date for its products once they are paid for. You will probably find your orders at your door before you know it.

Costco Receipts

There are two ways to purchase from Costco, which creates two ways to get receipts in print and the other by email, with a link.

The first method is to physically walk through the door of a Costco, make any number of purchases, and pay by credit card, check, or cash. The system will then print you a paper receipt for whatever you purchased. From there, you exit the store.

Using my membership online.

If you decide to use Costco’s online service, you have to log into your account using your membership number. Once logged in, you can buy any of the store’s products. will even have a record of your past purchases to make buying easier. Once you are done, enter your credit card information, and you will receive your receipt by email.

I Lost My Costco Receipt. What Should I Do?

If you’ve lost your Costco receipt, you can probably get it back.

To get a duplicate receipt, go to your local Costco membership counter. All you’ll need is your membership number and to know the date of your purchase. Once they have that information, they can print your receipt on the spot. You can use it to get a refund or any other related service.

How do I Find my Receipts on Costco.Com?

The receipts on any orders placed within the last two years are online, and you can select to print them.

Visit, log in and select “Order Status” near the bottom of the homepage. Choose the date range, assuming it was within the past two years, and select the receipt you want from the menu. You can even search the list for specific items.

Should I Store my Costco Receipts?

Always keep your receipts. You will be in better control of your financial situation. Knowledge can only help you when it comes to bookkeeping.

Keeping receipts will inform your accountant if you are eligible for a tax return due to VAT/ GST/ Sales Tax. Keeping your receipts will let your accountant know if and how much of a tax return you deserve.

It’s also always good to have a history of your receipts if a tax authority asks questions about things that happened years ago.

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