#1 Receipt
Tracking App

We have your back for paper documents. WellyBox automatically gathers all your receipts, from wherever they are: Email inboxes, vendor portals, or hard copy scans and locates the info you need to report. Count on WellyBox to handle it all!

expense tracking
receipt scanning

Receipt Scanning
That’s Quick & Simple

Snap photos of paper receipts and instantly upload them via the Wellybox app or easy-to-use WhatsApp chatbot. We’ll take it from there!

No more searching
for emailed receipts

Today, most receipts arrive via email — and quickly get buried by the incoming flood. Wellybox puts an end to your monthly search for financial docs — connect all accounts where receipts may be sent to, and WellyBox finds the docs and data you need for expense and tax reports.

business expenses made easy

Download invoices automaticaly from
vendor portals

Still logging into numerous portals each month to get your invoices and receipts? With WellyBox, set up accounts, then sit back and relax. We’ll download docs and gather the data you need, like clockwork, every month.

What customers say about Wellybox

I discovered @WellyBoxHQ "in honor" of the 2019 balance. I immediately fell in love. An ingenious and simple tool to use, with a fun & efficient user interface that saves time and money. Strongly recommends!

I recently came across an application that finds receipts among my emails, grabs the sums, and saves sums & receipts to my bookkeeping program. Pretty cool, super timesaver. Check out @WellyBoxHQ #SmallBusiness #timemanagement 

@WellyBoxHQ thanks guys for a really easy way to automate the invoice/expense process and ensure no more lost receipts & invoices. wellybox.com Great work!