Organize receipts

However and wherever you organize your receipts hard drive, cloud storage (like Dropbox or Drive), or accounting software Wellybox makes it easy. With a single click, your documents will wing their way to the destination

Upload files
to Dropbox

If you organize your documents in cloud storage, like DropBox or Google Drive, Wellybox saves each one to exactly the right folder. Whatever your system by month, vendor or document typeWellybox figures it out. [Alternate to “figures it out”: “Wellybox is on it” or “Wellybox gets it”]

Sync with

Are you spending boring, frustrating hours entering data and uploading docs to your accounting system? Let Wellybox automated entry and uploading take those tasks off of your hands.

Your bookkeeper 
do the hard work

If you pay a bookkeeper or accountant to take care
of your expense tracking and reporting, the last

Image thing you want to do is spend time gathering the
data they need. WellyBox automatically finds and
sends your data directly to them. Or have them
access your WellyBox account where they can
effortlessly find all the docs and data they need.

What customers say about Wellybox

I discovered @WellyBoxHQ "" in honor "of the 2019 balance, I immediately fell in love. An ingenious and simple tool to use with a fun. Efficient user interface that saves time and money. Strongly recommends

I recently came across an application that finds receipts among my emails, grabs the sums, and saves sums & receipt to my bookkeeping program. Pretty cool, super timesaver. Check out @WellyBoxHQ #timemanagement #SmallBusiness

@WellyBoxHQ thanks guys for a really easy way to automate the invoice/expense process and ensure no more lost receipts & invoices Great work!