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Ikea Receipts – Overview

Ikea is one of the most famous furniture companies out there. A customer can visit the Ikea store to buy any number of pieces of furniture that come in pieces and need to be assembled at the customer’s home.

Ikea also has a system by which you can pay a member of their staff to deliver the bought item to your home, where they will construct it for you. If you have any problems with your purchases and wish to return them, you can get a refund by bringing in the item and receipt.

You can return an Ikea purchase within 365 days from the date on which you bought it. This policy on their products is available at any Ikea store. Ikea offers this guaranteed service to all of its members and customers at every location.

If you ordered online and paid via a digital transaction on your credit card, you can still return the purchased item. Find the digital receipt with the relevant details and contact Ikea to find out where their nearest store is. As long as it wasn’t longer than 365 days ago, you can return the product and get a refund.

Ikea return policy

Ikea is known for its delivery and digital services. Customers can access anything they might purchase locally by visiting the website and making their transactions online. All you need is an Ikea account to make valid payments, and you can order any items from the website. Payment for an online transaction with Ikea requires a credit card. Find the page that has your product on it and purchase it.

Where Can I See my Receipts from Ikea?

After every online purchase, you will be sent an eReceipt and receive a paper receipt after each physical purchase.

The Automatic Way

  1. Go to WellyBox, either sign in or sign up.
  2. Wait as WellyBox collects all of your receipts.
  3. From your dashboard, sort and choose the specific receipt or purchase you want.

The Manual Way

  1. Ikea will send an eReceipt to your email as soon as your purchase is complete.
  2. Save these receipts somewhere since there isn’t a way to get them back if you lose them.
  3. Go to “Customer Service” and select “Return Policy.”
  4. Find “How to return” and press on it.
  5. Choose either of the two options to Return an Item based on size.

Now you wait for Ikea to pick up the item.
You attach your digital receipt in PDF format to your return request.

Why Should You Keep Your Ikea Receipts?

As a general rule, keeping records of your purchases is a good idea.

You never know when you may need to refer back to one. You will be able to judge your fiscal situation better. It’s also valuable come tax season.

Without an Ikea receipt, it is impossible to return an item for money, and you will receive store credit instead.

How Should You Enter Your Ikea Receipts to Your Expense Report?

Receipts are important for several reasons.

Saving receipts will help you keep track of financial security and identify which items you have that are taxable and non-taxable. Keeping your receipts will help you get your tax returns should they apply.

If you choose to do the data entry manually, you will have to collect the relevant details and write down the total expenses. Collect all of your information together and then sort between the business-related expenses and those that aren’t.

Ikea has a 365-day guarantee that you may want to take advantage of if your purchase breaks or take advantage of a warranty on an item. Without a receipt, you can’t do either.

Give the business-related expenses to your accountant by sending them by email or handing in a physical copy (Again, we recommend using WellyBox to automate the process).

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