How to Find an Amazon Receipt?

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Finding a receipt of purchase from Amazon can be very easy. Every purchase has a receipt that you can store for archiving or accounting purposes. Here’s how you can find your Amazon receipt:

Short answer

How to find my Amazon Receipt?

Step 1: Login to from your favourite browser on your MAC or Windows PC using the correct registered email and password.

Step 2: Go to the upper right corner under the greeting “Hello” followed by your username.

Step 3: In the scroll down list called Your Account, click on “Your Orders”

Step 4: Select the order you want the receipt and then click on “View order details”

Step 5: On the right side click on “Invoice”. Your receipt is downloaded instantly!

It’s really that simple to find your receipt from Amazon. If you prefer to automate the process you can learn more about our automatic expense management tool.

Step by Step Guide

How to Find a Receipt From Amazon?

Step 1:

Login to Amazon from your favourite browser.

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Go to and enter your registered email ID and correct password. You can also do it in a mobile web browser.

Step 2:

In the upper right corner, click “Returns & Orders”.

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This section will contain a list of all orders. You can also get a receipt of an order that was cancelled or still pending delivery.

Step 3:

Scroll from the list of orders and select the one you want a receipt for.

your orders, befor printing your Amazon receipt

Locate the item you want a receipt for. You can sort the categories out by selecting the date year wise to help you. You can also search for an item you ordered.

Step 4:

On the right side of this order, click “Invoice” and select “Invoice 1”.

Invoice 1 generates a legally binding receipt. It will contain all details of your order, including the buyer’s details as well as the seller’s. Your receipt is instantly downloaded in your downloads folder! That’s it!

How to Automatically Find a Receipt From Amazon With WellyBox?

Step 1:

Purchase a product from Amazon. Whenever you purchase a product from Amazon, it automatically sends you a receipt to your registered email address.

Step 2:

Login to your WellyBox account. You’ll immediately see your dashboard of receipts. Here you can learn more about the automatic expense tracker.


Step 3:

WellyBox automatically scans your email and your Amazon account for receipts. Just find the receipt you want straight from your dashboard!

You can find your receipt with WellyBox, or go to your account at Amazon.

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