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Goodwill Donation Receipt – Overview

It is important to remember that charitable donations and purchases can save you a lot of money through tax deductions.

Goodwill is a non-profit charity that provides job opportunities and teaches skills to help people find a job. As of 2021, Goodwill still has thousands of locations around the US.

What Does Goodwill Do?

Goodwill provides emotional support for individuals and families with disabilities or social disadvantages. Goodwill aims to advance poorer people, families, and communities by giving them the information and the new educational material to make them self-sufficient.

logo of Goodwill (donation receipt)

How Does Goodwill Work?

Goodwill sells clothing and household items that are donated at discount prices. These items are available at their stores or online through their internet services.

Search the item by location or specifically by address.

Goodwill also collects money just like any other charity, a large part of Goodwill’s finances comes from monetary donations.

a Goodwill donation is one of the charitable organizations that donating to qualifies as a valid charitable organization. As a donor, whatever number of donations you make are given a donation receipt.

Getting Tax Deductions Through Goodwill?

The Goodwill donation receipt is used to claim tax deductions for clothing and household property itemized on your taxes.

You can use your tax deduction from giving charity to get money back on:

  • Sales taxes. You have the option of deducting sales taxes or state income taxes from your federal income tax.
  • Health insurance premiums.
  • Tax savings for teachers.
  • Charitable gifts.
  • Paying the babysitter.
  • Lifetime learning.
  • Unusual business expenses. …
  • and more…

Where Can I See my Donation Receipts from Goodwill?

You will be sent an eReceipt after every donation.

Goodwill donation receipt example

The Automatic Way

  1. Go to WellyBox, either sign in or sign up.
  2. Wait as WellyBox collects all of your receipts.
  3. From your dashboard, sort and choose the specific receipt or purchase you want.

The Manual Way

  1. Goodwill will send an eReceipt to your email as soon as your purchase is complete.
  2. Save these receipts somewhere. You will be able to find them later to use for tax deduction purposes.
  3. If you cannot find your receipt, you can use this website to find it.

Why Should You Keep Your Goodwill Donation Receipts?

As a general rule, keeping records of your purchases is a good idea. You never know when you may need to refer back to one. You will be able to judge your fiscal situation better.

Goodwill is a well-recognized charity and any purchases or donations to the company can be considered a charitable donation and may qualify you for a tax return. Check with a financial advisor to see what you can use the tax exemption for.

Keep track of what you’re buying on Goodwill and use the information to compare prices to get the best deal you can arrange for yourself.

How Should You Enter Your Goodwill Donation Receipts to Your Expense Report?

Receipts are important for several reasons.
Keeping receipts is a surefire way to keep track of your expenses and hand in an accurate expense report. Your receipts show a complete record of how much VAT you spent. Keeping receipts will also help keep you safe from auditing by tax authorities, as you will now be able to support your claims with documents easily.

Saving receipts will help you keep track of financial security and identify which items you have that are taxable and non-taxable. Keeping your receipts will help you get your tax returns should they apply.

If you choose to do the data entry manually, you will have to start collecting the relevant details and writing down the total expenses. Collect all of your information together and then sort between the business-related expenses and those that aren’t.

Give the business-related expenses to your accountant by sending them by email or handing in a physical copy (Again, we recommend using WellyBox to automate the process).

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