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Wellybox uses artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies to extract all — and only — the relevant information from your receipts and invoices. The results? The data you need to report, without tedious, time-consuming manual entry.

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Small Business
Expense Reports

If you’re a small business owner, separating business and personal expenses can be a challenge. Wellybox makes it easy to classify expenses, assign vendors to tax categories, and even split expenses between a number of businesses.

QuickBooks expense reporting

Do you use QuickBooks, Xero or other accounting software to generate expense reports? WellyBox automatically sends all your expenses data and documentation straight to your accounting software. No more tedious manual data entry!

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Organize Receipts and Expenses, Your Way

Organize Receipts and Expenses, Your Way!
No matter how you handle documents and data for expense reports, WellyBox has it covered. Do you just forward them to a bookkeeper? Wellybox will do it for you! Upload them to your cloud storage? Check. Enter them into your accounting software? We’re on it, taking the hassle out of getting receipts and expenses data from where it is to where you need it.

What customers say about Wellybox

I discovered @WellyBoxHQ "in honor" of the 2019 balance. I immediately fell in love. An ingenious and simple tool to use, with a fun & efficient user interface that saves time and money. Strongly recommends!

I recently came across an application that finds receipts among my emails, grabs the sums, and saves sums & receipts to my bookkeeping program. Pretty cool, super timesaver. Check out @WellyBoxHQ #SmallBusiness #timemanagement 

@WellyBoxHQ thanks guys for a really easy way to automate the invoice/expense process and ensure no more lost receipts & invoices. Great work!