WellyBox is an online service that helps you collect expenses and tax-related documents, such as invoices, receipts, bills and credit slips. WellyBox then processes the documents, making the data available for further bookkeeping purposes and archived for any future audits by the tax authorities.
You can create your own account on our registration page, though the easiest way to get started is to connect your mailbox to the service. Connecting your mailbox is easy - simply scroll all the way up and tap the button matching your e-mail provider.
While Office 365 Exchange and Outlook.com Premium accounts are supported, we do not support Outlook.com accounts that are linked to a custom domain using the now-defunct Live.com Domains service. As no new accounts can be created since July 2014, and Microsoft no longer provides support for this service, we will not be adding support for Live.com Domains in the future. You are still welcome to use WellyBox on any other Microsoft email account, of course.
WellyBox works on all modern operating systems and all modern browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera and Safari.
Yes, preliminary support is available for the most common languages and currencies. If you document language or currency is not supported, please contact our support team.
No. The WellyBox user-interface is currently English-only, though we plan to add more languages in the future. Please note, however, that non-English documents are supported.
Of course. WellyBox works with all common document and image types, such as PDF, DOCX, DOC, PNG, JPG and more. You can even add a photo of a document taken will your phone, and the WellyBox technology will extract data straight from the photo - no data entry necessary.
Because of the incredible variety in form and quality, we cannot guarantee that all documents will be properly processed. Some documents, especially low-quality photos of handwritten documents, cannot be processed automatically - but WellyBox will enable you to fix or enter the data that could not be extracted automatically.
Yes, in fact that's right there in our mission statement. WellyBox enables you to work faster and smarter with your existing bookkeeping operation. All data can be exported to a variety of machine-readable formats, for further processing in other apps, such as QuickBooks or Zero.
You can change your personal details after you sign-in to the system, using the left-side menu.
If you still have access to the email address you originally signed-up with, you can reset your account password on the password reset page. If you no longer have access to your email, please contact our support team at support@wellybox.com for further assistance.
You can send documents to your bookkeeper by using the Send to Bookkeeper button in the reporting section of the Your Docs screen. An option to add your bookkeeper, or an employee, as a user to your account will be added in the near future.
The day you register for a WellyBox account, we start a 90-day trial in which you will not be charged. After your trial period is over, you will have the option to upgrade to a paid account. If at the end of the trial period you do not upgrade your account, you will still be able to use it but you will no longer be able to add new documents.
You may cancel paid subscription by tapping your profile picture in the upper-right corner after you sign-in, then tapping Subscription followed by Cancel Subscription. Naturally, this option will only be available if you have an ongoing paid subscription.
We use a 256 bit encryption based on an SSL/TLS certificate - just like your bank. Plus, your data remains in a data center built by Amazon for highly-secure web applications. What's more, whenever possible, we limit our access to "read only" access, meaning that even we can't modify anything in these accounts. We are also audited annually by Bishop Fox as part of the Google Partner Program. The last audit concluded on September 4, 2019.
Our most up-to-date Terms of Service are here while our Privacy Policy is here. If you have any questions or comments about them, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@wellybox.com.
The support team can be contacted at support@wellybox.com.